Food: IQ Chocolate!

Everyone loves chocolate, don't they? 

What do you get if you mix organic cocoa beans with coconut blossom nectar? IQ 'Superfood' chocolate of course. Chocolate at it's simplest, fuss free and free from 'nasties'. Oh, and it tastes pretty darn good too. 

IQ's chocolate is named superfood for a reason. They're free-from all 14 allergens - so anyone can eat it. They're high in fibre (around 3g per bar) and minerals such as, manganese (90% of RDA per bar) which is used for healthy bones, metabolism and controlling blood sugar levels and copper (170% of RDA) which promotes healthy skin and hair. You can find out more of the health benefits here & here. But, doesn't that sound like a dream come true? CHOCOLATE WITH HEALTH BENEFITS. Is this real you ask? That's what you get when you enjoy cocoa at its finest. 

As you can't tell the packaging is really nice, although they are re-styling and bringing out new style bars! So keep an eye out for those. I hope they don't change it too much, i really like the design on the actual chocolate itself and the way they contain all the health benefits for you to see. Definitely makes you feel a little better as you're reaching for the final piece. 

These are definitely for dark chocolate lovers.. they would definitely be too bitter and strong for Mars bar or Dairy Milk lovers. But the health benefits definitely win. It's really nice to eat chocolate that doesn't contain lots of sugar (and added crap). Ladies, it's good to know when the time of the month comes you can munch that chocolate guilt free and it's actually doing you some good. If you do struggle with dark chocolate they're great to use in recipes/baking, like in these gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan brownies or in these banana ice-cream pops.



  1. These sound simply amazing! The packaging is super cute as well! I mean, who wouldn't want to buy these? I'm going to have to look into them since the banana ice cream pops sound delicious!

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. How cute is the packaging. Shame they're changing it but it still looks nice! They are SO good. Try them! 💖💖


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