Wishlist: Fitness Fashion!

I'm a fitness-a-holic, especially when it comes to fashion. I spend 3/4 of my life wearing 'workout' clothes. Why? Because its practical, comfortable and less washing. I'll literally shove some fitness gear on in the morning and be ready for my day. This means i'm less likely to back out of my workout. Also, it feels good to look good. Just because you go to the gym doesn't mean you have to sacrifice how you look. 

So here are my fave fitness fashion bits at the moment that i wouldn't mind getting my hands on. Some things are cheaper than others (hello H&M and Misguided). But i think all these items would look great together, you can mix and match and look pretty darn swanky in the gym or if you just want to rock that sports luxe style. 
Links to ALL the items cam be found on my Pinterest board >> here <<



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