Beauty: NYX Lip Products!

These lip products have been all over the internet, especially since the rise of liquid lipsticks, everyones searching for that Kylie Jenner dupe and NYX seems to be hitting the spot. Since crossing the pond over to the UK, people (bloggers especially) have been LOVING it's range of products (me included!). Especially the lip products - so affordable yet such good quality. I remember getting my first NYX Lip Cream two years ago at an expo in Manchester - how crazy is that! And i still love them now.  Although, i do prefer some of NYX's latest liquid lipsticks.
l-r NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, Zurich and San Paulo

The lip creams are an 'oldie but a goodie'. They do the job. They apply easily, set fast and last a fair amount of time for the price (£5.50). I can't really complain much over these because they're such a bargain! All i can say is, make sure your lips are well moisturised and not chapped or this could end up accentuating that, especially after eating and drinking. But overall the colour pay-off is great (1-2 coats does the trick). Zurich, the latest in my collection, is now also my favourite. It makes a wonderful day-to-day colour. The other shades are a bit bright for my liking although, Antwerp does make a wonderful s/s shade.
l-r - Lip Lingerie in Beauty Mark, Liquid Suede in Sandstorm, Lip Lingerie in Honey Moon
Here are three of the latest lip products from NYX. Safe to say i purchased them the minute they were available on the Boots website. A bit eager but they are so worth it. I really love the formula of all of these lip products. The Liquid Suede starts off very smooth and soft wheres the Lingerie is more sticky. They both dry to a matte finish and they are both incredibly long lasting (the Lingerie even more so). For £6.50 you are getting your moneys worth, it also means you can throw one in your bag and you won't be so heartbroken if it does go missing (we've all done that before!).

I really love these liquid lipsticks from NYX and do plan to buy many, many more. I'm desperate to try out some of the brighter shades and more unusual shades they have to offer. But overall, i don't think you can go wrong with picking up some nudes/browns especially the from the Lingerie/Suede collection!



  1. I have the Matte lip cremes and love them! You are absolutely right- lips best be in good condition beforehand! NYX is awesome, thanks for the great post!


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