Life: Books I've Been Reading!

The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde

This was a lot shorter than expected, i managed to read it really quickly. This was the first time i'd ever read a play for leisure and i enjoyed that style of reading. I found this story to be quite amusing. It is a classic and a classic for a reason. It shocked me that i liked it so much.

                   Would i reccomend this book? Yes
                   How many stars out of five?     ****

The Cursed Child - J.K Rowling

Ah the much awaited sequel to the Harry Potter series. All HP fans (including myself) couldn't wait to get their hands on this. Written in script style, again, i really enjoyed this style book. It took me a little while to get into it, but once i did, I DID NOT PUT IT DOWN. I got majorly addicted. It was interesting looking at the characters all grown up.

                   Would i reccomend this book? Yes
                   How many stars out of five?     ****

Me Before You & After You - Jojo Moyes 

Two novels both about the character 'Louisa'. If you have seen the film (based on the first book) and liked it, you NEED to get your hands on the books. They are so much more detailed than the film, they took me quite a while to read. The second book is a completely unexpected continuation of the first but, i did really enjoy it. There's a good balance of humour , soppy-ness and drama. It's never a  boring read!

                   Would i reccomend this book? Yes
                   Which book did i prefer? 2 (probably because i didn't know what happened)
                   How many stars out of five?     ****

The Longest Rise - Nicholas Sparks

This book switches between three different characters as narrator. But, the story does not repeat, it carries on just through a different protagonists eyes. It's quite a long book and took me a while to read, sometimes i did get a little bit bored and skip a few long-winded paragraphs. But the book is perfect for the romantic types that can't resist a good love story! It's quite different from the film though, it takes much longer to get into things but then again, it's much more detailed. I also thought the characters didn't match up with who they cast for the film - they didn't match right in my head!  But it is a lovely story and the ending is just perfect. 

                   Would i reccomend this book? Yes
                   How many stars out of five?     ***

What books have you been reading lately?



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