Life: How To Be More Social When You're Out & About!

I'm a 'people person' and i love speaking to people; new, old, familiar. All the people. I find a simple 'Hello' and a smile from stranger can really brighten up your day. I have one of them faces that screams 'TALK TO ME', which means i always end up in a conversation with a random person in the middle of a supermarket isle. Or at the busstop. Or in the New Look queue. Anywhere really.

So here are my top tips to help you be more sociable when you're out and about. Put a smile on your own and a strangers face!

1. Remove your headphones. 

We all know the earphones trick. Pop them in and no-one will speak to you. Which is fair enough if you don't want anyone to talk to you. But it's not the way to go if you do want to interact. So get rid of the music/podcast/whatever you're pretending to listen to and people will be more likely to have a conversation with you. 

2. Smile.

A simple change of expression from 'don't talk to me' to 'hello, i'm approachable' can really make a massive difference when you're out and about. People are far more likely to say 'Hello' if you flash them some teeth. So ditch the moody look, stop looking at the ground and smile at the people around you. 

3. You go first - say hello. 

Once you've flashed a smile, you could also make a grand ol' gesture - say hello, good morning or ask how they are. It you want to be approachable, start by being actually being approachable. Be social. Start a conversation, say hello to that 'stranger' you pass on your way to work everyday or simply say 'thank you, have a nice day' when somebody holds open the door for you.

4. Turn off mobile data. 

A big one! Something i've been doing a lot lately. Heck, even turn your phone onto aeroplane mode. Nothing says 'unsociable' like someone with their eyes glued to their screen. We all know how much phones can kill a conversation; one minute you're having a nice chat, next minute you're lost in the world of Instagram or Twitter notifications. Switch it off and be present. 

5. Put yourself into sociable situations. 

Plain and simple. If you wanna be sociable, you gotta put yourself out there. You know what i'm talking about. You can't sit in the house by yourself all day binge watching TV programmes (yes, i am talking about myself right now!). Simply getting outdoors, going for a bike ride or a walk, going shopping and stopping by a coffee shop have all helped me become a much more sociable person. You can only be social when you're out and about by getting out and about. So switch off social media for 30mins a day and go do something you enjoy! 

I know not everyone wants to be sociable. Not everyone finds it easy to be sociable. But if you do want too, these tips are perfect for you! I find they have really helped me to build my confidence, make new friends and enjoy my family and friends company a lot more! 



  1. Lovely tips!

    Saludos desde España, guapa!


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