Life: September Monthly Roundup. Did I succeed on my healthy habits?

Back at the beginning of September i set myself some 'Healthy Habits' for the month. I wasn't feeling motivated sat at home everyday. When i'm lazy, i'm really lazy. I have all good intentions but they just slip by as i sit on the sofa sipping my coffee. I much prefer being a busy little bee. So i set myself these goals to help give me some motivation, kick myself up the bum and encorporate some healthy habits (which i know i should have been doing anyway) into my day-to-day life. Let's find out if it worked.. 

It really helped.

Those times where i felt like doing NOTHING sat on the sofa. Or when i reached for another coffee. Or when i slacked on the water. Or when i reached for a bar of chocolate instead of some fruit. This is when the goals helped me get back on track and choose the 'healthier' options

WEEK 1  

This was a hard week adjusting. Maybe i set the standards too high.. 3hr cycling and 1.5hr of zumba is actually quite a lot of exercise when you're not used to it. My body ached, i found it quite hard to fit it all in especially as i like to have weekends off. But i managed pretty well and managed to adapt quite quickly to squeezing in all these healthy changes.

WEEK 2  

A very solid effort from me this week! I was genuinely happy with how well this week went. I also managed to go trampolining with my boyfriend. My muscles ached to death after that. Oh the pain! But it left me feeling very motivated and i felt the goals had really helped me overall to be more active throughout the week. 4.5* week for me - almost perfect ;)


Waheyy. We made it to what i call a 5* week. Which means i was pretty good all round. I didn't hit my green tea target (but name a week that i did) but i managed an all time low of ONE 'proper coffee'. ONE. Proving i don't need coffee as much as i thought eh.  Another brilliant week (must have been the motivation from week 2).


The final healthy habits week (or is it?!). This was a hectic week packing up for university and moving into my new room. I REALLY struggled with finding the motivation. The weather was rubbish and so i didn't feel like getting out on my bike. I did complete 30minutes extra Zumba though! Aside from the lack of cycling and walking it was a fairly average week. Not the best but not bad either.

What did i learn?

  1. I appreciate coffee much more when i only have a couple a week from a coffee shop. From now on i'll stick to proper coffee less often. I don't need the caffeine kick not when i can get it from other sources.
  2. Drinking water isn't a problem for me. I really do drink well over 2-3l every single day. I carry my bottle everywhere so i am never dehydrated. My body is so in tune with my hydration levels.. i start to feel it as soon as i havent drank enough. However, it was important for me to make sure i was smashing it every. single. day. I'm hoping this won't change now i'm back at university! 
  3. I don't like green tea. But, spending more money on getting some decent flavours really helps! From now on i'll spend the extra and get some nicer flavours to make my green tea one to look forward to and enjoy. Sometimes splurging is best! 
  4. Force yourself to exercise and you will feel better afterwards. Even if you don't want to, just do it! Having a set goal written down really helps with that. I'm a target kinda girl. I need targets!
  5. I really am more motivated to workout when i have a gym but i do enjoy home workouts when i make myself do it. I loved the zumba and cycling - i don't want to give them up buttttt, i'm a gym bunny. I can't help it. I just am.
So that's it for my September Healthy Habits. I am so glad i decided to do this challenge. This is something i want to keep doing. I am definitely going to make exercise targets for October and try to maintain all these healthy habits i've achieved throughout September. 

Who's ready for October? I am! 



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