Recipe: Vegan Stuffed Mushroom!

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful week. I'm here with some foodie inspiration. Today i have a yummy, dinner recipe for you that is pretty fast, looks fancy and tastes delicious.

2 large flat top mushroom 
30g Violife vegan cheese 
1/2 slice of toasted bread chopped finely into breadcrumbs 
Diced pepper and onions
Mixed herbs and spices of your choice

How to:

  1. Toast one slice of bread.
  2. Dice some pepper and onion - of if you're lazy throw it into a food processor/chopper.
  3. Dice or grate some vegan cheese.
  4. Add the toast to the food processor & blend until it looks like breadcrumbs.
  5. Mix all the above filling together with some flavouring.. herbs, spices, salt & pepper etc. Then, add to the mushroom.
  6. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

This is the perfect fancy, vegan dinner. Definitely one for date nights or a meal with friends - they'd never know the difference. I ate two of these mushrooms with some sweet potato wedges and a biiiiggg bowl of veggies on the side. It would make a great 'help yourself', buffet-style dish.

Dinner party anyone? 



  1. This looks so tasty! Can't wait to try it myself.

    Anika |

    1. Ooh let me know if you do! They're SO good <3


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