Wishlist | Back to University Stationary!

It's October which means.. BACK TO UNI TIME. I've just moved back into my on-campus accommodation ready to start another year of studying. Whats the best way to brighten up your studies? Cute stationary of course. Plus it makes your room like nice, every bloggers dream!  

The majority of this wishlist comes from Kikki K.. fairly obviously why, right?! I fell in love with Kikki K when i stumbled upon it in Covent Garden (and splurged £22 on a journal, eek!). My love affair has grown ever since. On the most part its fairly affordable - well the pieces above are - with some incredibly gorgeous designs.

I personally love getting organised at university that includes; my daily planner so i can jot down everything i have that day and see it in chronological order, my to-do list/notes which sit on my desk so i can cross off other tasks as the day goes along and a food planner so i can make sure i eat relatively healthy and minimise my waste. A lot of people underestimate food planning but it's so helpful at university to make preparing food easier, faster and more efficient.

If you'd like to purchase any of these products, i have all the links in one place on my Pinterest board here



  1. Oooo I love Kikki K! I brought myself one of their ring bound diaries a few years ago and love it! That world denomination book is adorable :) xo



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