Travel: Shoreditch Photo Diary!

Travel Diary: Shoreditch.

Hey guys! I thought i would share my photos from a day out in Shoreditch. Usually when i have been London, i've stuck to central areas including Oxford Street and all the touristy spots (London Eye - i'm looking at you!). This time i went along as part of my universities cultural exchange trip. One area i've wanted to visit for agessss is Shoreditch. So i did. I'm a sucker for some street art and anything 'Instagram worthy'. So me and a fellow vlogger and photographer took a little trip to Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane to have a nosey around. 

I absolutely adored the area, especially towards night when the bars were filling up. We even had a little visit to Box Park and i gotta say, the music was on point ;). It does get pretty busy, but i'm not surprised, with the quirky bars, independent cinemas and boutique shops. I really wanted to go to the Bowling alley

Brick Lane Street Sign
Brick Lane, Shoreditch Street Art
Shoreditch Street Art
Shoreditch street art, rocket.
All schools should be art schools, shoredtich street art
Shore street art, bird.
Shoreditch street art
The Frog, Shoreditch.
Penguin Street Art, Shoreditch.
Juju's bar and stage.

Incase you didn't notice i couldn't get enough of the street art. There were so many alleys filled with quotes, drawings, stickers.. everything! I could have spent HOURS looking around. I would definitely recommend Shoreditch if you're into that kind of thing. It's a photographers dream. I really enjoyed getting out of 'touristy' London and going to somewhere a bit more real. Trust me, it was a breath of fresh air after being on Oxford Street. It's a place i could see myself living near, there is so much to do, you wouldn't get bored. Also, the vegan options are a bonus but, more on that in another post. 

Have you been to Shoreditch? What's your favourite part of the area?



  1. This looks like such a lovely place. I would love to visit one day :)

    1. You really should if you can. It's such a cute area :)


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