Lifestyle: My Favourite, Go-to Apps.

My favourite apps; buffer, grid diary, argus.

This comes already in iPhones but I find myself using it so much. I use it every day to count my daily steps to make sure I'm doing enough movement throughout the day. I use it when I run or cycle to track my speed and distance. You can also track water intake on there which is handy if you don't drink enough. It also gives you a basic estimate of calories burnt in the day based on your BMR (calories burnt by merely surviving - breathing, digesting etc.) and steps/activity done. This is useful if you're wanting to lose weight, you can gauge some idea how much you should be eating.

Overview: It isn't the most comprehensive app but, it's basic and does the job. A good all round app for health, fitness & lifestyle tracking.

Stars: ****

Grid Diary

This little gem is a personalised, portable little diary. Journalling has been all the rage recently but not everyone wants to fork out on an expensive notebook, spending a chunk of their day making it pretty and writing everything down. This app on your phone makes it easy to journal whilst on the go - you can do it on the bus to work! Each day it asks for the weather and your mood. Tthe grids where you write a diary entry are customisable - you can add or remove grids so it's up to you how much you want to write. You can change the questions in each grid - there is a list of a range of questions from health to life, to work and productivity (or add your own!). You can connect it via iCloud so you can update your grids online if you prefer. It allows you to connect to the 'health' app online to add your steps/calories data to your diary. As well as being able to add photos. This is a really nice way to put together all your information/memories for the day so you can look back at it all in one place (in read mode). It truly is a great app to keep you on track, productive and reaching your goals. Also one for people who like practice mindfulness/gratefulness.

Overview: One for people who like to journal but aren't fussed about bullet journaling.

Stars: ***** (can't really fault it!)

My favourite apps.Grid Diary.

A blogger essential. Am I right? I'm right. Now it posts to Instagram too; what more could you want? I use this every single day to schedule tweets/facebook posts. I mainly use it to post blog post links, then I don't have to worry about that. I then post 'normally' myself as I don't have to worry about traffic/sharing links. Twitter is my main source of views so it's important to put a post out regularly. Buffer is extremely helpful if you're busy (working, studying or partying ;)). The free version limits you to 10 scheduled posts at a time but this is plenty for daily use. A bit of annoying if you're on holiday but it's better than nothing!  The free version also only allows you 3 social media profiles and only one profile per website - not useful if you want to post across a variety of different pages. 

Overview:  One for bloggers, business people etc. Those that rely on regularly posting on social media. Particularly ones that find it hard to post regularly themselves  e.g. 9-5 workers, holiday-ers.

Stars: *** (purely because of the limiting factors).


Another blogger essential and one I've been using SO MUCH lately. I'm actually addicted, it's kind of strange really. This app is for planning your Instagram theme, essential if you're trying to have an 'insta theme'. You can upload photos from your phone, edit them, move them around and send them straight to Instagram. You can design your caption and hashtags then set scheduled reminders when you'd like to post them. You can set reminders for individual photo's or general reminders on certain days/times - it will send you a notification when it's time. I find this helpful to remind me to post daily otherwise, I 'd completely forget. I'm constantly playing around with my feed, adding and changing photo's, i spend too much time on this app. Try it!

Overview:  One for bloggers, social media connoisseurs & those who generally just want a pretty Instagram feed. Plan ahead guys, plan ahead.

Stars: *****

What 3 apps would you recommend to people? Do you use any of the ones mentioned above?




  1. I definitely need to download some of these apps! I haven't tried any, they sound so good!

    Anika |

  2. I like the sound of Grid Diary! I might give it a go. 😊

  3. I really need to try Buffer! It sounds like it would be a real time saver!

  4. I really like the sound of that Grid Diary and I've heard quite a few other blogger talk about buffer too! This was a really great and handy post.
    -Olivia Xxx


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