Lifestyle: How To Be A Bad Blogger.

1. Forget to Instagram your food

God forbid you actually eat your food before taking a photo. Luke warm soup anyone? 

2. Don't update Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter on the daily

Who needs a digital detox? Not bloggers. Oh no. You mustn't forget your presence on social media or you might disappear off the blogosphere. Everybody will forget you even exist.

3. Have anything other than a marble background 

A marble photo backdrop is absolutely key nowadays to get them perfect Instagram/Pinterest worthy photos. Anything other than white or marble.. don't expect to be re-pinned.

4. Don't have an Instagram theme

Who even are you if you post whatever photos you like and they don't all coordinate. Do you even blog bro? *eye roll*

5.  Fail to post them picture-perfect sunset beach photos 

You know the ones.. with the 'i haven't styled this atall' beach waved hair blowing in the breeze, the casual 'i haven't posed atall' pose and the no makeup makeup in a super exotic (dare i say cliche) location #Santorini #SummerVibes. 



  1. Had a laugh at this! There is so many cliche's in blogging! It's sad that everybody is copying the look they think is in, yet we're all so tired of the same thing! Sheeple hey?!

    1. this is very true! there are so many nowadays :)

  2. Love this!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning! On a level though, it is so hard not to get sucked into the vortex and be the same. Trying to just do me! Have a good one!

    1. Glad it made you laugh! We definitely do fall for the trends, of course we do :) You too sweetie < 3


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