Lifestyle: Hardest Things About Being Vegan!

The hardest things about being vegan..
Eating Out 

1. Chips, chips and um.. more chips?

Often a vegan staple... can't really go wrong can you. They just aren't the most exciting option.

2. Some variety would be nice, please. 

Veggie fajitas. Chickpea curry. Chips. Veggie fajitas. Chickpea curry. Chips. Salad? 
Often go-to vegan options tend to be veggies, chickpeas and potatoes which are ALL tasty but sometimes yanno, it can get a little boring. Although more restaurants are doing a lot more veggie/vegan options! Yassssss  (Hello Zizzi - vegan pizzas!).

3. Can i have that but without...

The mayo! Or the cheese! Can we remove the coleslaw? 
Making a food order is never simple or easy (sorry waiters/waitresses!). It often involves a lot of switching, swapping and removing. 10 minutes later anddddddd.. we're done! Thankyou. Peace out 

Eating in 

1. M. I. L. K.

Finding a (decent) plant-based milk alternative isn't easy. There are so many different ones now, but some of 'um don't half ruin a good cuppa. Some of them curdle in coffee. But then you find a good one and life is great

2.  Eating plant based 

Don't get me wrong i do love eating good, whole, healthy, plant-based food BUT.. it is difficult when there is so much vegan junk food (Oreos - i'm looking at you!). Realistically, who's gonna make nice-cream and wash up all the mess when there's a packet of biscuits staring at you? Simplicity people. 

3. Can you eat that? 

Those who are eating with a family will get this. It's so much easier if you cook for yourself and yourself only; you know what you want (and what is suitable to eat), you make it for yourself and eat it. When other people come into the mix, that's when it gets hard! One meal turns into two or three different dishes, different options and a lot more pots to wash at the end. 


1. Checking the label on absolutely EVERYTHING.

Food shopping now takes twice as long and constant label checking. But thats the price you pay to find some absolute gems - Bourbon Creams, Jus Roll Pain au Chocolat's, Chilli Heatwave Dorito's! 

2.  Spending an hour in the free-from/dairy free sections.

It's always fun to have a lil nosey and see what goodies we can find. 

3. Free from... but not free from.

So toy've spent all that time checking the labels, you're in the free-from section.. it's diary free, you get excited and then... damn it, there's egg in it. 

Other people 

1. The awkward "I'm vegan" conversation.  

Always a little awkward when someone asks you out for pizza and you have to explain that actually you'd rather go somewhere where the food isn't all smothered in cheese. Or ice-cream.  

2.  Explaining that i don't just eat grass.

Now, obviously this doesn't come up often, most people don't actually think this. But i have had a few 'rabbit' comments - would you like a carrot with that grass? No thank you, but i'll have a bucket full of Oreos instead please. 

3. 'Ooh this chicken is soooo tasty' 

*Licks lips* and makes them annoying food noises (mmm). 

So this post isn't serious. And as for the last point (other people) this is a rare exception of about 1% of the population. I chose to be vegan. It's something i want to do. It isn't really that hard. The hardest thing is probably eating out or when you get given packed lunches at work.. them non-vegan brownies are SO tempting, the plain cheese sandwiches less so. That often leaves me with the choice of chips or crisp.. potato basically. But on the most part being vegan is simple, easy and very satisfying. Click here to see some great reasons why you should be vegan.

What do you find difficult about being vegan?
Is there anything above that you experience too? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I hate the awkward 'im vegetarian' conversation - some people just dont get it! xx


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