Beauty: Greek Skincare Haul (Cruelty free).

Here it is finally... My big, fat Greek skincare haul. You know you're a beauty blogger when your holiday destinations revolve around what purchases you can get there! Nothing excites more than Greek skincare products. Although we can get some of these brands in the UK, they're not as easily accessible or affordable. So, when i go to Greece i like to do a massive stock up and spend all my euros on skincare products.

 Here is what i got...  


Korres Santorini Vine Collection (Showergel & Body Milk) 

Moisturising Hair Mask - Tinted Spf 50 - Pomegranate Exfoliating Cleanser - White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser - Pomegranate Facial Tonic Lotion - Hair Mask


Lip care (with honey - not vegan) -  Purifying Gel Cleanser -  Deep Exfoliating Face Scrub

Purifying Gel Cleanser for oily/combination skin - My favourite cleanser of all time. I would recommend this anyone with combination skin. It gives the skin a mighty good clean without drying the skin out. It helps with breakouts and blackheads.

Elia Shampoo (dry hair) - BioSelect Face Tonic Lotion (Cruelty free & vegan) - Olivie Face Serum - Olive Shower Scrub

These are greek cosmetic brands so i wasn't entirely sure if they were cruelty free or vegan - i didn't have the luxury of 4g to do a quick google search like i can in Superdrug at home. Oh first world problems, right?!  So far it seems they are cruelty free and i checked the ingredients.. they are vegan (except where stated). So all is good. I just can't wait to try them now.  Hello to beautiful skin.

Have you tried any of these Greek skincare brands. What do you think? 
Did i pick enough products up? ;)




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