Real Talk: I'm An Introvert & I Like It!

There, i said it. I'm an introvert. I like to keep myself, to myself. I DON'T like to be centre of attention. I don't like being around people all of the time. Most the time i'd actually rather have a night in with a film or a book (or do some blogging) than go on a night out or socialise. Most the time i like to sit with my headphones in, in my own little world, staring out into space. I actually enjoy it!

Is there anything wrong with that? NO, i don't think so. It can certainly make you seem boring to other people, especially those that LOVE to socialise.

I don't wanna bash extroverted people in this post. We all have different personalities and that's wonderful. Life would be so miserable if we were all the same. But personally, in my ripe old age of 21 ;) i have grown to love being introverted. It's a quality in myself i'm really proud of. The ability to be completely comfortable spending time alone, by myself, is something i cherish! Some people can't do that. Some people have to be around people ALL the time. Some people feel lonely if they're alone.

But, i think we could all do with being introverted every once in a while. I mentioned this in my A-Z of happiness challenge - it's so important to be comfortable in your own skin, spending time on your own and being able to be at ease with yourself. YOU, YOU, YOU. I truly do believe it helps you understand yourself a lot better. It helps you love yourself a lot more.  It helps you appreciate your own qualities and become at ease with yourself - the true you!

Give it a go: 

Once a week settle down for a cosy night in with you, yourself and I. 
Pick up a decent book, put on your favourite film or a playlist of your choice. 
Just be with yourself, your own thoughts and feelings. 

I promise a little bit of introversion. A little bit of time in your own brain will do a whole lot of good.



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