Lifestyle: My Morning Routine!

My (Lazy, Weekend, Day Off) Morning Routine 

My morning starts with a browse through social media, this can range from 15minutes to 1hour depending on the day ahead. If i'm feeling extra lazy on a weekend i'll have a proper good browse. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the weather...

First thing i do when i actually get out of bed is... get dressed. I put my gym clothes on so i don't back out of going - you're far more likely to go if you're dressed. I get myself a glass of water and drink that while i sort my hair out, do me 'brows and put some mascara on. When i feel semi humane again i'll settle down in my slippers and dressing gown and get on with some work.

With another glass of water in hand and a mug of my favourite coffee (1tsp of Littles Maple Walnut Coffee, 1tsp of toffee sugar free syrup and a splash of Rice Dream Vanilla milk) i sit down and i spend 30 minutes on my Spanish - going over practiced phases and learning new ones. I haven't got very far on the Spanish yet, but at least i can say hello, how are you and order some food.

Next on the agenda is to tick some things off my to-do list which i plan the night before. I'll respond to any emails i have or book appointments that kind of thing. Then.. on to the best part.. blogging stuff.

 First, i start off by going on Buffer and scheduling some tweets and Facebook updates to share my link/latest posts with all the relevant #hashtags. I'll check all my accounts and reply to comments or speak to other bloggers. Then, i'll go through my little blogging book which has its own little to-do list and post ideas. I'll go through the list and try to do the most 'urgent' things first. I'll check the next few posts going up and make sure they're all edited to perfection and don't have any spelling mistakes. I'll go onto Canva and get all my blog post photos created and edited so everything is all ready to be uploaded to Picasa and then onto the blog.

Now it's about 10am and its BREAKFAST TIME! Best part of the morning, am i right?! So i'll make myself something or other, it could be a big bowl or oats, some protein weetabix, an acai bowl or some crumpets. It varies but i'll sit and eat this whilst catching up on a TV series - Pretty Little Liars, Catching Carter, Vampire Diaries or Greys Anatomy is my most recent binge-watch. I'll watch 1 episode whilst eating and watch another whilst getting back to more blogging.

More blogging will commence for the next 1-2hours. I'll do some CSS/Layout editing followed by some post writing.

When i'm all blogged out around 11.30 or 12pm i'll head off to the gym for about an hour - an hour and half. That's my morning done! Done, dusted and productive (mostly).

Please don't forget that this is a weekend or 'off uni/work' morning. I know not everyone can do this but, for now it's my summer i'm making the most of all my free time. Plus it keeps me organised for the next academic year! 

How do you spend your lazy, weekend mornings or days off? The same as me? 
What's your blogging routine?



  1. My routine is quite similar to yours - I hate getting up and working straightaway though, so Ill always do a little social media browse, then have breakfast and watch some TV before working! PLL and The Vampire Diaries are fab too

    Steph -


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