Food: Restaurant - La Turka (Turkish food).

So after being so inspired by Jess Beautican's wonderful 'what i eat in a day videos' where she features lots of mezze food, i finally got around to visiting a Turkish restaurant at long last. I was craving all the grilled veg, hummus, salads, peppers, potatoes etc. Did it satisfy? Yes it bloody well did.

La Turka

... is based in Manchester. We visited the one in Monton Village which is the newest to open. They describe themselves as a 'Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant'. They boast a fairly large menu with a wide range of everything from snacks - mezze platters - main meals and desserts. They even include a small vegetarian section in the main meals although, it isn't very vegan friendly. However, the starters and side dishes do have a few vegan options to mix and match. They also do breakfast and lunch. So you can go there anytime, any day!

But first, before i go on the food, i wouldn't be a blogger if i didn't show you my outfit would i?
Dress - New Look

Onto the food...
First impressions were wonderful when we walked in. The decor is beautiful and you can tell they'd really tried to make the restaurant look nice. And it really did. There were candles lit on every table which gave a really nice atmosphere. 

We ordered off the 'Early Bird Menu' (2 courses for £13.95 available 4-6pm every Weekday) which is a pretty good deal. The menu doesn't have too many options but seems like there could be something to suit everyone. 


I ordered hummus (the only vegan option). I love hummus, i eat it a little too much if I'm honest, so this went down to easily with the pitta bread to dip in. Yum.

Main Course

I ordered the 'Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables & Grilled Goats Cheese' - without the goats cheese. I simply asked for it without and they were fine to do that for me. I'm not sure if they changed the dish slightly due to my request. It came served on a bed of potatoes and tomato sauce not ciabatta like it says on the menu. But there was a few small bruschetta style pieces of bread in there too.  When the waiter brought it over he asked me "Is that ok for you?" which, i thought was a lovely thought. 
I absolutely adored this dsh it was extremely tasty and just what i was craving. It fit my expectations of vegan Turkish food exactly. We ordered some chunky chips on the side which were good too but, it was just too filling. I was stuffed to the brim! 
Overall, i enjoyed the food in the restaurant. Cannot fault it at all. My only fault was the service at the end of the meal. We had to ask three different people, three different times to get the bill and ended up waiting for over 30 minutes. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if the restaurant was busy but, at 5.30pm on a Wednesday where it was fairly quiet, we would expect a faster service. 

Would i go back? 

Yes! Without a doubt. I would like to visit on a Friday when they have a belly dancing show.

How would i rate the food? 

**** (4.5 - If only there was a few more vegan options on the main meal menu! But, they seem happy to adapt and change vegetarian options so it isn't too bad). 



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