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Travel: Kos, Greece. Travel Diary.
Greek Islands are one of my favourite places to visit. The plan is to visit them all (which i mentioned here). Greece is just so beautiful to me; clear, blue seas, authentic rocky beaches, hill-top views and farm animals on every corner. Not even joking. This is true of many of the low-key holiday places anyway. Not too sure about the likes of Malia or Kavos. 

Before i ramble on too much, all i will say is... Kos is hands-down the most stunning place i've ever been too in terms of picturesque views all around. I'm taking 360 degrees. Everywhere you look is just stunning. It isn't a well developed island in terms of big cities and shopping malls. It's much more traditional and they have really tried to maintain their historic heritage. I visited a few archaeological sites whilst there including castle ruins (western archaeological site), the roman odeon and the Hippocrates tree (the inner philosopher in me loved it!).

Just off the coast of Kardemena we also visited Nisyros - a beautiful, small island with a population of less than 1000 people (crazy, right?!) and famous for its dormant crater. Bordering Turkey you can also visit Bodrum from Kos Town - unfortunately i didn't manage to do this but, i would love to when i visit again (notice i said when). Book in advance due to Visa issues. I would also like to visit the Kefalos area of Kos. So there is no doubt in my mind i'd love to go back and explore the island much more.

Overall from what i have seen it is a beautiful island with lots to see and do. Go join in the watersports, dive in the sea or pop on a boat to a nearby island. Alternatively, cycle freely, go hiking, explore castle ruins or do a little bit of shopping. I did some cycling down the coast myself and the views were just breathtaking.

Enough from me, let the photos do the talking..

Nisyros, stefalos crater

Kos beach, sea
Beautiful beaches.

Kos town, mountain views
Hotel - Akti Beach Club. Bottom Left - Queen of the castle at Western archaeological site.

View from Kardemena
Nisyros view

I stayed at the Akti Beach Club Hotel which was about 4km, i believe, outside of Kardemena. This was amazing in the sense that it was so quiet and relaxing. But Kardemena isn't that big anyway compared to other Greek towns. The hotel put on free buses to Kardemena. But the local buses which we used to Kos town were also just as good. There is really no excuse for not using public transport in Greece. So far i have had zero problems. 

I will link here to my Kos Vlog as i managed to record some footage of Kos and Nisyros. Amazing. The nature around these areas were so beautiful. As sad as it sounds, i seen a cricket and a grasshopper (with my own eyes) for the first time during this trip. The hotel was absolutely buzzing (in a good way) with all sorts of creatures and insects - butterflies, birds, crickets, bee's.. And we just so happened to have some bulls grazing the field right next door. Not to forget the beautiful stray cats which are so well looked after and very adorable

Nisyros, Greece. Stray cat

Overall a wonderful week away. I explored, swam a lot and also, had a much needed chill out after finishing my degree - woohoo! 

Have you been to Kos? If so, what was you're favourite part? If you haven't.. Do you want too? 



  1. Oh my word Kos looks STUNNING. I've never been, and in fact I haven't been to any of the Greek islands or Greece itself. I definitely want to head there in a couple of years and soak up the atmosphere!

    Steph -

    1. It's the most stunning Island. If you get chance i would recommend it :)

  2. Never had a chance to go to Kos, but I can recommend you Zakynthos, which I loved, if you stay away from touristy Laganas!

    1. I have visited Laganas! I would love to visit a 'nicer' area as you say ahaha. I've heard so many good things. I can imagine it is another beautiful greek island!


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