Travel: Weekend In Edinburgh.

A few days ago i visited Edinburgh for two days. This is the second time i have visited and i've decided it is a city i really love. The main purpose of the trip was to visit the university as i am contemplating doing my Msc there. However, it kind of turned into a massive shopping trip. For some reason i just wanna shop when i'm there, the Topshop, Primark and New Look (a few of my favourites) just seem so much better in Edinburgh than they do in Manchester or the Trafford Centre. I'm nto sure why. I also love the shop Tiger because i don't have one of them near me :(. I'm also partial to visiting Jamie Oliver's for some good food. And this time i treated myself to a gluten free nutella brownie and a cookie monster cupcake from Bibi's Bakery. 

There is so much to see Edinburgh! Of course, it is a beautiful city. I love the mix of old and new. I could wander around for ages. It'd be so easy to just get lost and spend hours exploring. This time we headed to Holyrood Park to the infamous Arthurs Seat. We also walked from Haymarket station to see more of the city. I feel like there is an endless amount of beautiful views and lovely old buildings. It could be a bit of a fashion bloggers paradise, just think, perfect scenic backgrounds *plans photoshoot*. 

Edinburgh: Psychology, Food and Fitness.

As you can see my trip consisted mostly of wandering around the city, shopping (a lot!) and eating (a lot!). I still feel like i have a lot more of the city yet to see but, i'm saving that for future visits. One place i enjoyed was the Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile. That was such a fun blast to the past for my mum and I. I would definitely recommend a quick visit. We were pretty lucky to have one sunny day whilst we were there, the second day it rained - typical. Overall, i had yet another lovely trip to Edinburgh, it is fast becoming one of my favourite places to visit. Now i just need to decide whether i want to live there for a year, but that's a different story...

What is your favourite thing about Edinburgh? Is there anywhere that i have to visit? 



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