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Oh yes that's right. I saw this quote the other day doing its rounds of Facebook:"Girls compete with each other, women empower one another". As cringey as it may seem. It is true though. As females we should stick together and inspire each other. So below are 5 females that inspire me in the fitness, blogger, vlogger, instagram world! In social media world essentially. I follow them all and thoroughly enjoy all their content so i think you should do the same, if you're not already.

1. Nikki Blackketter - a clichè one i know! But one that i couldn't ignore or leave off this list. I'm sure everyone has probably heard of Nikki B by now (unless you're living under a rock) and i do seem to talk about her enough (ask my boyfriend.. or my mum!). I have seen every single one of Nikki's videos, sad i know, and some of them more than once. It's a bit of an obsession i'll admit it. She's pretty inspirational is Nikki and i don't even think she tries. Her 'how to pose' videos are da bomb (fake it til' you make it), she doesn't take herself too serious, she's always referring to herself as a hot mess and she's actually pretty funny. Not only that, but her body is die to for; she's worked hard for it and it motivates me everyday to keep working on that muscle! 

2. Zanna Van Dijk - Second up is Zanna Van Dijk (such a fancy name!). The UK girl that's in magazines, models for Adidas and has a business #girlgains with her two best friends. No biggie. Seriously, for anyone looking for career/life inspiration look towards this girl. She has a degree in speech and language therapy but ended up working as a PT amongst other things. It just goes to show if you really want something take the plunge and go for it, 9/10 it'll work out. Not only does she inspire me job wise, she has the best snapchat, she's pretty hilarious and doesn't give a damn what she looks like. Her message is all about having a laugh, enjoying time with friends whilst working hard (job & body wise). Balance is the key! Its an outlook i think a lot of girls could do with when starting their fitness journey. 

3. Tally Rye - Another one of the girls behind Girl Gains is Tally Rye. Another girl who inspires me for similar reasons as Zanna! She's the definition of balance. She makes it feel OK not to be obsessed with fitness and not to miss out on life because of it. Don't get me wrong she works hard and looks amazing but not at the expense of social occasions and fun. Who else would run around Manchester in dressing gowns doing crazy workouts?! Plus, she replies to your snapchats, shares amazing zoats and lots of food porn - what's not to love. 

4. Lainey Bopster - another Gym Shark athlete (like Nikki). I discovered Lainey through her boyfriend Lex and she finally started her own youtube channel #obsessed. She's follows IIFYM, shares lots of good food tips (especially for us brits) and is always really honest. Its' so refreshing. She is just so 'real'. When she can't be arsed training or has a little binge she says it. She's so relatable to me and thats why i absolutely love watching her vlogs. She has a good moan about her boyfriend but loves him to bits and looks after him so well (like me!). Lex is lucky! 

5. Marissa Lace - Last but not least, #yearofyou - Marissa Lace. M Lace is a bit differently from the others ^ she's much less fitness based, although she did have fitness series on her youtube before but, she's more known for her beauty videos. Now she's grown and it's all about experiences, mindfulness and loving life! But, she is human and she has her crap days and she shares them with us. She is the ultimate idgaf vlogger - we see it all: pjs, facemasks, no makeup, laughing out loud faces. She's inspires me to be less self-critical, to care less about what other people think and really just make the most out of life. She's inspired my new philosophy: travel lots, explore and have new experiences. Her instagram is so full of beautiful pictures including, Big Sur, Seattle, interior design (her flat looks amazing!) and her cute little doggies. She really is probably one of the funniest people i follow. She will run down corridors and shouting and talk to the dogs like their humans for 10+ minutes. Honestly she's so into positivity, it rubs off when she shares it. Her morning tweets are everything. 

Thanks for reading! 

Who inspires you? Who have i missed? Is there anyone else you think i should follow?



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