Do you dare me? Mid-year challenges!

What better way to celebrate my 21st birthday than to set myself a good ol' challenge/bucket list. 

We've all heard of '30 before 30'.. that gives me 9 years. So i'm thinking i should i do 25 before 25? That gives me four years. Is that enough? I don't know. I'm thinking i can do most of them before i'm 22. Give or take a few of the bigger ones i.e. number 2! 

A lot of these things i have been wanting to do for a while now but, like us all, just haven't got round to doing them. I've tried to avoid things i know i will be doing i.e. visiting Europe, starting Pole Fitness lessons etc. So these below are on top of new things i'm already planning on doing. I'm really excited to give these a shot and finally hold myself accountable! There's no backing out now

25 before 25.. here goes! 

  1. Learn to sew and/or knit.
  2. Visit America.
  3. Go backpacking alone. 
  4. Compete in a sporting event - 10k, triathlon, powerlifting, bikini.. who knows? 
  5. Go camping. 
  6. Try hot yoga.
  7. Learn a language.    *27/7/2016 - i'm on it*
  8. Take swimming lessons - to become better/more advanced. 
  9. Go trampolining.   *11/9/2016 - done!*
  10. Visit Brighton. 
  11. Host a dinner party. 
  12. Read a Shakespeare play.  
  13. Visit an academic conference. 
  14. Have a piece of work published.
  15. Get a pen pal/blogger swap thing.. write to someone basically. 
  16. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter. 
  17. Take a martial arts lesson.
  18. Lose 14lbs.. a.k.a a stone.     *27/7/2016 - i am half way there*
  19. Get a facial.
  20. Go for a meal.. in a restaurant.. all alone.
  21. Go on a cold holiday like Skiing or Iceland in winter or something. Ice Ice Baby. 
  22. Visit an ice bar.       *17/07/2016 - done!! In Amsterdam*
  23. Go scuba diving/snorkelling - swim with the fishes    *16/8/2016 - Snorkelling (vlog here)*
  24. Get a sports massage.. or just a massage. A professional one of course.
  25. One month - NO REFINED SUGAR. 

5 things to do before 2016 is up! 

It's now July. 5 months left. That's one a month. 

  1. Complete a MOOC - i sign up to these all the time on future learn and never see them through. This time i must!  *5/9/2016 - Completed a Spanish for beginners MOOC!*
  2. Read 'The Importance of Being Earnest ' Oscar Wilde  - a book that's been on my 'to read list' for a while (i actually have a list!).  *6/08/2016 - Easy, quick read! Enjoyed it*
  3. One month no refined sugar - even though this is up there ^ i do want to get this done either October or November. 
  4. Read 'Lord of the Flies' - another book i feel like everyones read and i haven't. So i want to actually get round to giving it a bash. *08/12/16 - Didn't enjoy it ATALL*
  5. 2 weeks living off the £10 a week student challenge - see more here. I've been wanting do a challenge like this for a while to see if i can abolish unnecessary spending. Let's see how good my cooking is now then shall we!  

No refined sugar...

This website really helped me. Although eating a mostly vegan, plant based diet does really help you to cute out refined sugar anyway, i do want to really tighten up for a month and abolish those cravings. This means options for a fruit salad instead of chocolate. It means substituting all foods for whole foods. I already buy reduced sugar versions of things like ketchup and baked beans but, instead i will probably make my own. This is a basically a month of whole foods and lots of water. Hopefully this will get my senses, metabolism and digestion a huge kick-start!

So there are my challenges (i do love a good challenge). All set in stone. Written down for the world to see. 

Have you decided on any challenges for yourself? Why don't you join me on doing 5 things (just one a month!) before 2016 is over.

Let me know if you think i should add anything else into the mix, have i left anything out?




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