Fitness: 5 Ways to Kick Your Fitness Plan in the B*tt!

Top Tips: Step up your fitness regime - motivation.

Find a plan that is right for you 

This is so important if you wanna step up your fitness regime. How can you expect to follow a plan in the first place if it's just not right for you? So often we fall into the trap of following a plan just because our friends or our idol do it. Just because it works for them, doesn't mean it is right for you. There's loads of plans out there.. Kayla Istines BBG, Strong Lifts, LDN Muscle etc.. So pick the one you will enjoy. That's the only way you will be able to commit fully and work the hardest. 

Positive atmosphere 

You have to be in a place with the right vibes, with like-minded people who are gonna push you harder. If you really wanna kick it in the butt - surround yourself in an environment where other people are doing the same. I know it's not always free choice what gym you go to but, if you can, find one with people share the same goals. My favourite gym at home is an old school style bodybuilding gym where everyone is lifting heavy and working hard - this pushes me to work harder, to finish those last reps, to find a way through even if i don't feel like it. Seeing others doing it, pushes you to do it too!&nbsp You can do this by going to a fitness class, joining clubs or societies or just finding workout buddies that share the same goals and won't let you quit.  

NUDGE  yo'self in the right direction

As a psychologist i must use my knowledge to my advantage right?! There's little things you can do to motivate you to step it up a notch. Things that you probably won't really notice day-to-day but, subconsciously is helping you out. One thing is motivational messages and quotes. I set my screensaver to a quote saying "You Got This", so evertime i pick up my phone, it's there. It's a reminder that i CAN do it, i HAVE what it takes, whatever i put my mind to. Don't stop there. Pop a few around the house, on the fridge, next to your bed. It will help you will things get tough and you don't wanna work out or finish the last exercise. 

Fitness: You Got This. Motivation.

Set goals

Ideally, i'd say, not ones based on your weight or body fat. It's so important to set yourself achievable, measurable fitness goals. Give yourself something to work towards. It's easy to become unmotivated if you have no real fitness aspirations. If you wanna kick it in the butt - you have to have something to kick in the butt. So whether it is building up to a certain weight on the bar, or getting a better time running, rowing or cycling or holding a plank for longer. Whatever it is. Set a target: I want to do this, by this date. Stick to it. Do what you gotta do to achieve it.

Fitness motivation

Hold yourself accountable 

Track the progress you make. If you didn't hit your target.. Why? Set a new target. Take photos of your achievements - they're something to look back on to motivate you to carry on, work harder. Kick it in the butt. You can buy workout log books or just jot down some general stats in a notebook, on your phone or even make a fancy spreadsheet. This helps you see if you're on track and see what you have accomplished! It will motivate you further to kick it in the butt!



  1. Tracking progress is so important for me! Keeps me super motivated. Lovely post!

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