Beauty: Cruelty Free Skincare Haul!

I announced in this post > here < that i wanted to go cruelty free. Theres a few reasons for this but mostly i wanted to match my way of eating with my buying behaviour. Plus, after a lot of research i figured out that it couldn't be too hard, it isn't more expensive - so what have i got to lose? 

I went to Superdrug on a massive cruelty free skincare haul. Considering i'd just got back from Greece and already had a massive haul from there (coming soon!) you're probably thinking I'm a crazy, money-squandering hoarder.. which is probably true. But, i stupidly forgot to take my new bits from Greece back to uni with me. I then ran out of moisturer and a few more skincare bits so i decided to go and get 'a few bits' to keep me going. Which turned into more than a few bits (obviously)... 

Superdrug Vitamin E Range 

Vitamin E Moisture Mask - A must for those with dry skin or those who just need a little bit of a moisture surge. I thought this would be a perfect treat for post-Greece skin as, it is important to keep your skin hydrated after a lot of sun exposure. So far, i like this, i don't LOVE it. I haven't seen a huge difference but it is a nice little treat nevertheless.

Vitamin E Toning Mist - Again another one to hydrate the skin in the summer months. Plus, i just really needed a new toner - i haven't used one in months to be completely honest. I feel like a toner is an essential part of the cleansing routine and i have actually missed not using one. It just finishes off the skin perfectly and gets rid of any last grubby bits. This makes your skin feel SO clean but not too dry or tight. Plus you can use it as a refreshing spray or before makeup to get that glowy feel.

Vitamin E All Over Body Cream - Not something you can live without post-holiday! This is so thick and creamy, perfect to hydrate even the driest areas of your skin. I love slapping this one morning and evening plus it isn't a strong scent so it doesn't clash with perfumes or body sprays. This is just a good moisturising base that you can use anywhere. I think i will definitely be repurchasing this, even if it is slightly time-consuming to rub in.

Faith In Nature

Green Tea and Aloe Natural Deodorant - One thing i have never bought cruelty free. After reading blogposts and getting recommendations (#cfbloggers on twitter) i settled for this one as it was something i could pick up in town quite easily. It's the most expensive deodorant i've ever purchased, not gonna lie! I still don't love it, it's OK, it does the job, but still isn't Sure (unfortunately!). I think i will preserve with it for now, but i'm hoping to find a better one. Hit me with suggestions!

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Range

Glycolic Overnight Peel - This i've been dying to try. I have heard so many good things about it. For a glycolic peel it is an insanely good price and a little bit really does go a long way. I haven't been using this regularly so i can't comment on how effective it is. But so far, so good, it leaves the skin feeling really smooth. 

Moisturising Day Cream - I like a face moisturiser with spf in, especially in summer time and this is specifically for my skin type (combination/oily). I really love this moisturiser, for the price you cannot fault it. I have a feeling this is going to last my a loooonnggg time. One pea-sized amount really does the whole face. It's the perfect base for makeup so i use this in the morning but, not at night.

Moisturing Facial Oil - Again i have heard a lot of positive things about this. Another bargain considering the great ingredients and the amount you get. I love using a facial oil at night and i can't fault this one. It isn't too heavy and doesn't block your pores. Put this on at night and you will have super, soft, smooth skin in the morning.

Barry M

Waterproof Lash Vegas Mascara - Hello holy grail! This was the thing i was most nervous about when it came to cf/vegan cosmetics. I wear mascara every single day and i'm very picky about it too. After searching a few Vegan Facebook pages this recommendation came up tops! Everyone seemed to rave about it and for £6.50 it wasn't worth not giving it a try and... I LOVE IT. It's just as good as my favourite Lancôme Hcpnôse at the fraction of the price. And it's waterproof.. it does not budge, you can wear it for days (yes, i've tried) and it survives a good gym session. What more could a girl want?

Overall, i'm so happy with these products. Most of the Superdrug products were on offer when i purchased them either buy 1 get one 1/2 price or 1/3 off - such good quality at such a great price!

  Have you tried any of these products? 
Who wants to try these cruelty free, vegan goodies?



  1. I've been thinking about going cruelty free too! Great post:)

    Emily xo


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