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This post has been a long time coming. Begu teas come in a pack of 28 so they will last you around a month. I've been trying to make my way through all of the teas so I can get a good idea of how I feel about them. Anybody who know's me will know I'm a tea lover. I love a proper builders brew. I also used to drink a lot of herbal tea's but that went a bit downhill. In my September healthy challenge, I made a challenge of drinking just one green tea a day - which I did pretty well on to be honest. That's what I liked about Begu tea, there's one for every time of the day which really helped me to fit them into my daily life. Overall I've really enjoyed all of these teas and would definitely recommend them to people on a bit of a health kick, who want to fit more herbal teas into their diet. Carry on reading to see what i thought of the range.  

Morning Buzz

This is essentially a 'posh' green tea. But it's SO better than drinking your average green tea and lemon from the supermarket. You can see the goodness in the tea bag! Not just that, the specially selected group of ingredients work brilliantly together to give you a bit of a boost in the morning without being too strong or harsh. It's the perfect mixture to get your metabolism going, stimulate cognitive function and boost oxidation. This tea really helps control my appetite, I have this first thing in the morning after a glass of water and I find myself putting off breakfast for a couple of hours.  It's become such a part of morning routine now - I don't know what I'd do without it.
Rating out of 5*: *****
Would I buy again? Yes!

Nightea Night

The nicest night time tea I have ever tried and I have tried a few (most of them I have to force down). This I actually enjoy as a nice, evening wind-down cup of tea. I don' think this helps me fall to sleep, which is my main problem. But, I do think it helps me sleep deeper and although this could be psychological, it is probably due to the valerian root, a proven natural sleep aid. It is hard for me to fit this into my daily life as I don't like to drink too late at night and if I have it too early I don't see the benefit. So I have a bit of a dilemma. I also think this would be much nicer if the flavours were stronger.
Rating out of 5*: ***
                                         Would I buy again? Probably not! I much prefer a     Calm tea earlier on in the evening.


This one smells pretty fab! It's naturally caffeine free so, I like to sip this one as an evening drink after my dinner. I'm not a lover of chamomile tea so I like how they've mixed the ingredients to make it taste really nice. I'd probably be more inclined to purchase this again over the night tea, just because I can drink it earlier on in the evening to relax my body without having to pee several times when I'm trying to sleep (weak bladder problems, soz!).  
Rating out of 5*: ****
Would i buy again? Yes!


I really enjoy this in the afternoon when I'm off to lectures or meetings and need to distract my mind from food for a little while. I enjoy this the most earlier on in the day because it does contain some caffeine. This uses ingredients like green tea and psyllium to help control appetite and digestion. It isn't the nicest tasting of the bunch but it's still really nice.
Rating out of 5*: ****
Would i buy again? Yes!


Another one that smells absolutely delicious. This tea is to help kill those sweet-tooth cravings. It tastes so luxurious and 'naughty' even though it's really not.  If you find yourself reaching for a chocolate fix, I would definitely recommend having a mug of this first and then see if you still want the chocolate. This reminds me of the 'Rooibos, vanilla and cocoa nibs' tea from M&S (can buy it here) although this one does contain caffeine (black tea). The blend of cinnamon, coconut and cinnamon give it a distinctive spicy taste, kind of like chai tea. It does contain stevia so you don't need to sweeten it but you could add some coconut sugar and coconut milk if you want to make it even more warming and fulfilling. One of my favourite kind of teas. Delicious. Especially in wintertime.  
Rating out of 5*: *****
Would i buy again? Yes!

System Cleanse 

I wasn't sure about this blend due to the inclusion of 'senna leaves', a natural kind of laxative. Begu recommend this for those with 'a poor, low fibre diet'. This does not apply to me, I don't really need this kind of tea. So I used it with caution. The first time I tried this it didn't go down too well on me; I definitely felt the effects the next day. But, after having this a few times, I've decided that I actually really like it. It does feel cleansing like it flushes everything out. I find this helps with bloating. This isn't recommended for long-term use, obviously, but it's nice as a short-term boost to help alongside a healthy eating plan. 
Rating out of 5*: ***
Would i buy again? No - I wouldn't use this long-term.

I love how all these teas use natural, herbal ingredients to support a specific purpose. I can't fit all these teas into my daily life but, I do tend to have 2-3 a day. This is why the BeguThree bundle would be perfect. These teas have become such a part of my daily life now (as you would see on my Instagram story if you followed me;)). I've been enjoying drinking herbal tea more than ever, they taste so good. I really value the benefits of herbal teas, the health benefits are amazing and it's such a simple part of your day. Who doesn't love a cup of tea?

Have you tried Begu tea? 
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*These products were sent by Begu in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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