Monthly: November Favourites!

I can't believe we're in December already. It sounds so clichè but where has 2016 gone?! Where?! I don't often do monthly favourites, mostly because I'm forgetful and throw away half of the products. But, November has been a pretty decent month filled with lots of good memories and FOOD. I've taken a visit to Manchester Christmas Markets, took countryside walks, drank lots of Christmas coffees and ate lots of mince pies (oops!). So here are some of my favourite foodie and life bits from November... 

Aldi Dark Chocolate Lebkuchen

Coincidentally my German friend introduced me to these after the Manchester Christmas Markets. I've never tried these before but, they're absolutely delicious. They're just Christmas in a biscuit. Perfect with a cup of tea, a hot chocolate or a Christmas coffee. Your choice. I'd have one (or probably two or three) of these with one of my homemade lattes

Aldi Dark Chocolate Orange Rice Cake  Bars

I've been obsessed with these for a long time. I featured them in my Vegan Snacks post. They're the perfect chocolate hit. They satisfy your sweet tooth and they're only 92 calories. Perfect Christmas snack. What's more christmassy than (Terry's) chocolate orange!

Chocolate buttons

I like chocolate OK! Chocolate buttons are cute AF. They remind me of childhood and they seem to last a lot longer than a regular chocolate bar. I like these sprinkled on oats or on hot chocolates. These are my two favourite flavours: White Chocolate from Tesco (40p) and Chocolate Orange from Asda (37p). They're both so good. Two of my favourite vegan chocolate finds.

Asda Dark Chocolate and Mint Spread

Ugh, where do I even start with this? This absolutely BEAUTY. You NEED this in your life. Spread this on toast, chocolate rice cakes, mix with hot milk for hot chocolate, eat straight off the spoon. You get the hint. It's just gooey, spreadable chocolate goodness. It can get pretty sickly but on the most part, you'll probably find it quite hard to put the spoon down. Also, the fact it is £1.50 just makes it even better.

Lidl Spiced Biscuit Spread

If you thought the chocolate spread sounded good then you will LOVE this. This is basically Lidl's version of Lotus Biscoff spread. It's also £1.50 which makes it tempting to buy two (yes I have done that!). If you don't believe how good this is, you can ask my flatmates. We've made it through a fair few of these jars and I'm taking orders to pick some up for Christmas (we're up to 8 jars in total!). So if you like Lotus biscuits and you like spreads.. this is for you. It's so damn delicious, I have to restrain myself, like a lot. 


I love getting fresh flowers, they make such a nice addition to the room. These were a lovely little treat off my boyfriend (brownie points). Combined with the festive Caffè Nero takeout cup (this is the 3rd Christmas cup in my room - crazy, I know!), I think this makes a really cute Christmas display. So pretty. It's always nice to be spoilt with pretty flowers. Who agrees?

Christmas Decorations 

I wrote a blog post all about how I'm getting ready for Christmas. I'm feeling so christmassy this year and I don't know why. My favourite thing this November has been decorating my room in a Christmas theme (follow me on Instagram, I'm always sharing new roomie bits). I have a red, gold and green themed shelf in the photo above and my window is decorated with blues, pinks and whites. I have fairy lights galore. I'm honestly in Christmas room heaven.


This month, as well as decorating my room to be #roomgoals, I have been enjoying making some homemade, decorative roomie bits. I've been enjoying being creative. Pinterest has kept me busy that's for sure! I made the little parcel in the photo above out of an empty toilet roll. You can find out how to make it here. Not only is it fun but, I love spending my money on cute, crafty bits and bobs. Any excuse for a shopping trip! 



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