Life: December In Photo's!

I really enjoyed writing my November in photo's post. It's always lovely to look back on wonderful memories with your love ones and see just what a great life you actually have. In our day-to-day lives, we so often focus on the small, negative things that happen like.. that stressful deadline at work or uni or that one comment a friend made. Looking back at your month as a whole helps you to see the bigger picture - all the good moments, the happiness shared and the memories that will last. So just remember when you're having a bad day or two - you're having a bloody good month!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful time! xox

Here goes.. 

Putting up the Christmas tree with Momma

This has been our little festive tradition since like forever. I couldn't imagine it any other way. We always blast the music or put a christmas film on and make the living room look festive af. It's amazing.

Manchester Christmas Markets 

This was filled with less Christmas markets and more alcohol than the previous time i went. But nevertheless it was fun to sip some mulled wine, ros√® and j√§germeister spiced orange (talk about mixing drinks!).  Oh, and getting the best garlic potatoes ever too. You need a snack when you're tipsy! I also managed to get my 3rd Manchester markets christmas mug of the season. Yes, 3! 

Lancaster University Campus Christmas Markets 

Because December is alllll about Christmas markets. The more the merrier! Our university always puts on a nice little market for one day so it's nice to have a wander round with some friends, get a silly photo in crazy festive hats and get a present off Santa Claus himself. We are over 18, i promise. 

Flat Christmas Meal

This was the full sha-bang. The real deal. A bloody good christmas dinner. A successful team effort in my eyes. Complete with prosecco, dessert and christmas films - perrrrrrrfect! 

Date Night with Bae

Yes I called him bae. His real name is Ryan and he does treat me every once in a while to a fancy shmancy meal with all the trimmings. Guys, we even got starter. This was a lovely meal in 'The Cherry Tree', Blackrod. I've wanted to try this restaurant for a while so it was super lovely of my boyfriend to surprise me. The food was amazing and we were both sufficiently STUFFED.

*This was the second meal he  treated me to this month - WHAT A BABE. Credit where credit is due, right?!

What have you been up to this month?



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