Life: 16 Things In 2016.

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't end this year with a reflection post?! I'm going to share with you 8 things that have made me a very happy lady this year and 8 things i've learnt throughout the last 12 months. Gosh it has it gone SO fast, I honestly cannot believe it.  2016 has been pretty turbulent but on the most part it's been a good year. I'm reflecting on this year with a humongous smile. Here goes... 

8 things i am grateful for:

Meeting new people

2016 has been THE year for meeting a whole bunch of amazing new people (although we can't forget all the existing amazing people I already know! - i love ya). I love getting to know new people and i've been lucky to make some amazing friendships. 

Travelling (a lot!) 

I have also travelled a lot this year! I experienced my first long-haul flight to Malaysia (eek!), visited two lovely islands with incredibly blue seas (Kos & Cyprus), visited some new cities within the UK, went to 'Dam, spent Christmas in the Canaries. It makes me feel incredibly, incredibly lucky and I am thankful for every single trip I take. Nothing fulfils me more than spending time in nature and exploring new places. Happy, happy days!


I made it. I finally bloody made it. Now i'm onto my master's but never mind.. who doesn't want to graduate twice. I feel so lucky to have graduated with 1st Class Honours and fab marks in my dissertation. I am thankful because I worked so hard and i'm so glad it paid off. I'm grateful for having the chance to educate myself, to learn new things and to have the amazing experience I had. Yes it was actually fun sometimes too. 

Getting ma car 🚗 

Brum Brum. In 2016 I managed to not only pass my driving test but also (with the help of my lovely mother) get myself a little Fiat 500. Yas, hello, i'm happy, I love it. I've only had it around a month but it gives me so much more freedom and independence so I don't have to get my chauffeurs (my mum and my boyfriend) to drive me everywhere. 

Becoming 100% vegetarian and 95% vegan 

I want to try and avoid labelling myself as much as possible but... I am incredibly happy I found a way to eat that suits me. That makes me happy. It's been a long time coming after a long time with body/food 'issues'. This type of diet suits my beliefs and my loves - nature, animals, compassion, equality etc. It makes me feel great - less binging, more satiating, full of nutrients. Eating like this has helped me a lot and I feel better than ever. 

Growth in self-love/body image

Linking to the point above, this has been the year of learning to love myself mentally and physically. In 2015 I struggled a lot with body issues (I eluded to it in this post). Whereas 2016, especially the latter half, has really helped me with those self-esteem issues. I've learnt to love myself a lot more, i'm embracing my flaws and learning to value myself for more than just what I look like. Looks aren't everything believe it or not! This is something that WILL continue in 2017, i'm not quite there yet... 

Bringing back my love for blogging

I used to blog back in my college days (2010-2012 ish) and gave up due to A-level demands. Oh the fun. So i'm really glad I managed to rekindle my love for blogging. The community is so lovely - yes i'm talking about you lovely lot! It's been an amazing year of blogging which i've managed to keep up throughout university, exams and all that jazz. Yay me. 

Experiences > things (life's short yo', appreciate it!) 

This year i'm so grateful for all the wonderful memories i've had chance to make. It's been the year of saying 'yes' for me. I've experienced so many new things (see my bucket list post) and simply learnt to enjoy every moment I do have. I've realised how short life is - I guess that comes with age eh - and learnt to appreciate experiences more than things. That means less shopping and more travelling, going out, eating out, hanging out... 

8 things I have learnt in 2016:

Be a good egg 

Not that this is new to me. I've always tried to be a good egg. But this year i've focused on being a 'good' person. I've learnt that it is very good to be a good egg not just for yourself but for others. So be a good egg people

There's more to life than food and weight - so love yourself regardless

This is something i'm grateful for like i said above but, it's also something i've had to learn. I've had to learn that loving myself for what and who I am is farrrrrr more important than trying to be a certain weight or look a particular way. I've had to learn that looking in the mirror and liking what I see is about more than what my body looks like. Actually, I can love me. Losing 10lbs will not make me a better, happier or more loveable person. Life is for L I V I N G and not about the number on the scales!

I can venture out the house in joggers and no makeup 

Funnily enough this has taking me 21 years to figure out. When I think back to how obsessed I was about how I looked.. it makes me cringe. In 2016 I have embraced my natural, curly hair for the first time in around 10 years (no lie!), I have embraced my bare skin and ventured out without a full face of makeup most days and i've looked like a scruff for the majority. But that's ok, you're allowed, you're you, be you. 

Boys are hardwork but some of them are almost always worth it 

Some of them, sometimes. Basically ladies, appreciate the good ones and don't let them go! 

I am more resilient than I think

I've learnt to doubt myself less. I can overcome everything with a little perseverance, hard work and some help from my nearest and dearest. I've done a lot of things I thought I couldn't in 2016 and i'm still here so...

Family are da bestest

Whoever 'family' is to you. They are the bomb. The bee's knee's. Clearly the most important people ever. I've always appreciated how amazing my family truly are but this year even more so. Maybe it's because i've grown up, I just really understand how much they do for me. They help me out so much. 

Sleep is a girls best friend 

It is. I'm a grumpy sod without it. I do a whole lot better with it. I've learnt to prioritise it. Having a lie in is fabulous and good for you so why not?! 

Happiness is something you create

It doesn't always just come to you. Life is a rollercoaster - the ups and the downs! A positive mindset is everything. That glass half full/half empty thing is ridiculously true. Happiness is something you can create through the way you look at things, react to things and deal with life's shortcomings. Everyday I have learnt to wake up and appreciate the small things, to look at my life through rose-tinted glasses and just TRY every single day to be happy. Try being the key word. 



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  2. Really enjoyed reading this post! It sounds like 2016 was kind to you, I hope 2017 is even kinder :) x


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