Haul: Edinburgh - Health Food & Homeware!

I thought i'd share with you my recent purchases i picked up whilst in Edinburgh for the day which, resulted in my arm nearly falling off as i rushed to the train station. It wasn't a good look. But, i adore shopping in Edinburgh. It always ends with me spending far too much money...

Health food haul shopping

I visited two health food stores: Jordan Valley (on Southbridge) & Real Foods (Broughton St). 

Nutritional Yeast - I've been wanting to try this for a while. As i have took meat out of my diet i seem to have added in more dairy which, i really don't want to do because it doesn't react well with me and i really don't know why.. i've never been much of a cheese lover anyway. So to substitute cheese in some recipes i am going to try this and this will also provide B12 which i'll need know i am eating very minimal animal products. 
Berry Mixed Puffs - These are a mix of rice, millet and buckwheat puffs. I have tried some similar before by Amisa so, i couldn't resist these for £1 - bargain. These are great for making rice crispy style bars or using as they are for cereal. I might even try making some granola style cereal with these.
Acai Powder - Yes more! If you follow me on Instagram you'd know i've been loving my Acai bowls - why it took me so long to try one i'll never know. This was fairly cheap (£3.58 for 25g) and looks much better quality than the one i currently have, so i'm looking forward to giving it a go. 
Cacao Powder - I ran out of the Superfoodies pouch i had so i wanted to get some more to make more brownies and bounty balls (my favourite). 
Shelled Hemp Seeds - This is a new one for me, i've never tried them before. They're a good source of non-dairy protein, so i thought i would try it in smoothies or granola style bars and see how it goes.  If anyone knows any good ways to use hemp do let me know.. 
Cacao & Orange Bounce Ball - I do love me a good Bounce ball and chocolate orange is my favourite flavour in the world. So its only right i finally get around to trying one of these. 

Tiger Primark Homeware and clothes

Tiger is the reason i go to Edinburgh (well not really but, kind of),  I absolutely love it. It's one of them shops that does a little bit of everything and everything super cute and rather inexpensive. Although it still mounts up, I never leave without a bag full of random stuff i don't really need but want anyway. 

Heart cloths - Yes they are cloths but i'm using them for photo backgrounds (which you will get to see soon ;)). 
Bowls x 3- Again for blog photos to make my recipes look a little jazzier.
Bottle - Finally a cute milk-bottle that is plastic and has a lid (no straw hole') so i can it out and about with me. Perfect for smoothies, juices or my homemade water kefir. I couldn't resist this for £2 and i spotted it just after i paid so queued back up for it. 
Hobby pegs - Part of my bedroom redesign when i get home from uni. Hoping these will look cute with little quote cards in them on the wall. 

Primark.. well it'd be rude not too right. 

Top (above) - I love these style tops on me and the mint colour will look gorgeous on holiday with a tan. The quote really describes my whole philosophy in life at the moment - "Think happy thoughts". So cute. It was £5 so i had to. 
Love sign - This little hanging sign was just £1 so i picked it up in the hopes it will look nice when i redecorate my room. 

Tiger Primark homeware

Here is some of the food i ate (posted on Instagram) - alongside a Bounce ball + a Nakd Bar. The was was Clippings blackcurrant & acai tea which i now need to get my hands on. 

Vegan food Edinburgh

So that was my day trip to Edinburgh. I spent most the day at the university. But, i did try to make the most of the few hours i did have to shop.



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