Recipe: Vegan Bounty Balls!

You know when you're feeling like being super naughty and scoffing your face with chocolate.. well here is a healthier version of a Bounty. Chocolate and coconut - two of my favourite things. These mini sized treats are vegan, dairy free, gluten free & contain no added sugar (dates are sweet enough). Perfect right. You can scoff a few of these guilt free. What makes them even better is they take less than 15minutes to make. Simply throw a few ingredients into a food processor and there you go. You can shape these however you like - add a few nuts and shape into raw brownies.

I love making these as the ultimate revision snack and the ultimate procrastination tool. This recipe makes 12 balls so they last a good few days as an inbetween revision snack or a little dessert. We all know now i have a massive sweet tooth (i've mentioned it enough) so just one of these make a perfect little post-meal bite. If i hadn't run out of dates i'd be making these again tomorrow. 

- 150g pitted dates (i used Deglet Nour but Medjool would be great. If you only have dried ones just soak them for 15minutes before).

- 1tbps of your favourite nut butter.

- 2-3tbps of cacao powder (depends how chocolatey you like them - adjust to your preference by giving the mixture a little taste test!).

- 2-3tbps of desiccated coconut (again this depends on taste preference).

Give the dates a few pulses in the food processor until they are a smooth(er) sticky consistency. Next add in the nut butter and cacao (or cocoa) and blend until it is all mixed together. You can add coconut at this point if you like.
Next shape into balls, i just use a teaspoon to make scoop it out to make sure they're relatively similar in size.
Then roll in desiccated coconut.

Store in the fridge for 3-5days. Or in the freezer for a few months (they won't last that long though). You can eat them straight out the freezer or leave them 5mins to soften.

Please do let me know if you try making these. Next on my list is a snickers version, i'll let you know how that goes on.. 

Also, if you have anymore quick, healthy snack ideas comment below! I need some more revision snacks #procrastibaking.



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