What i eat in a day #1 - Plant-based & Vegan.

Hey Guys!
I'm such a lover of 'What i eat in a day' & full days of eating videos on Youtube (and blog posts too). I'm so nosey. I love seeing what others people eat. They also give me so much inspiration for my own food as I'm always recreating recipes. I've recently changed my diet quite a fair bit from low-carb, high protein to high-carb, mostly vegan. I am loving eating more plant-based, i feel better than i have done in a long time, it's an amazing way of eating and as you will see, you can get away with eating a fair bit of delcious, tasty food! But, even if you don't eat this way, feel free to have a nosey and take some inspiration. I'm sure you can adapt these meals to your own preferences. 

First things first, i always have a bottle of water (600ml) & a coffee in the morning.

I will have breakfast about a hour or so later (or longer if i've been to the gym). It is more often or not nicecream or an acai bowl at the moment. I have been craving these since the weather warmed up. This particular day i felt like a proper chocolate and peanut butter feast. Not sure why.. but it's no surprise, you all know how much i love chocolate by now. This was 1 large frozen banana, 1 tbsp of Meridian peanut butter and 2 tbsp of rice dream vanilla milk put into a food processor and blended until smooth. I then topped it with some granola, Sweet Freedom coconut choc shot and a piece of my homemade chocolate oat slice (recipe coming soon!).

chocolate peanut butter nicecream


This is my favourite lunch, like, ever. It's getting abnormally regular in my diet - variety is the spice of life and all that *eye roll*. I usually have it on a wrap but since i ran out i decided to try it on one the protein rolls from Lidl. 
My toppings were: 1-2 tbsp of hummus, spinach, sliced tomatoes & sautéed onion and courgette (fry in a pan with a little bit of water until soft and caramelised). This is hands down so delicious that i scoff it in about 2 seconds flat. 

food photography lidl protein roll vegan plant based http://psychologyfoodandfitness.blogspot.com/

Lidl protein roll, vegan http://psychologyfoodandfitness.blogspot.com/


I posted this on instagram. It was my first attempt at trying to recreate a buddha bowl type dish. I had done a big food prep the night before so i just threw everything in a bowl and it turned out to be really tasty and satisfying. The base was just mixed salad leaves. 
My toppings were: cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, homemade potatoes wedges (chopped up potato, 1tbsp of olive oil, and & pepper - bake in the oven for about 50 minutes), homemade hummus, quinoa salad (1 cup of quinoa, diced cucumber, 1tbsp olive oil, 1 garlic clove, 1/3 lemon juice - recipe adapted from JessBeautician #veganjune) and peppers/onions sautéed in soy sauce until caramelised. Yes i like caramelised veg, it's my latest obsessed and the soy sauce just makes it even better. I've been craving chinese food recently for some reason. 

buddha bowl with hummus, vegetables and quinoa http://psychologyfoodandfitness.blogspot.com/


No snacks today as i'd had quite large meals. But, i did have my pre-bed cup of tea #properbritish. 

Please share your 'what i eat in a day' posts/videos below.. let me know what you like to eat everyday! 
I'll be doing #whatiatemonday on twitter and uploading a Youtube video soon. So keep an eye out for that if you like this type of thing! 



  1. This all looks delicious! I'm def going to copy your lunch, it will be a good replacement to the avo and tomato on toast that I usually have :) xx



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