Real Talk: The Boy Behind The Camera

I seen an interesting quote, plaque thing whilst i was doing some shopping in town yesterday and it got me thinking. I wanted to do this real talk series where i talk to you and get the conversation flowing about topics that are close to my heart. So get your cup of tea at the ready, have a good ol' read and hit me with your opinions. 

The plaque said "Behind every successful woman is herself".  For a few moments i considered getting it (not that i need anymore hung around my room) cause hell yeah to girl power. Hell yeah to independent woman and all that jazz. Now i don't wanna go all The Pussycat Dolls on you.. 'I don't need a man...' but, it's so true that women need more recognition for their success. More than that, women need to recognise themselves as creating their own success.

But, this got me thinking. What about the saying "Behind every great man is a woman". This has been such a common phrase whilst i've been growing up. This idea that women have some credit for their mans success, that men wouldn't be as successful without a woman to by his side. Is this true? Would we see plaques saying "Behind every successful man is himself" - i don't see that, a quick google search has shown me that i haven't seen that. Man power just isn't that sexy or sellable.  Women are apparently critical to a mans success, doesn't this work the opposite way round? 

Where is the mans credit for standing by their women. Yes my degree is my degree, my skills are my skills and my success is down to myself but i sure as hell wouldn't have made it through without my boyfriends shoulder to cry on. Behind me every step of the way is my partner in crime. I honestly don't believe i'd have achieved the things i have without him here. We often forget those around us that have been our 'back bone' through everything and all our successes. Whether it is your partner (male or female), a friend or a family member. 

Behind every successful women is herself and.. her partner, her support network, her friends, her family. All those she trusts around her. 

So, just a little reminder to be grateful for those around you who have helped shape who you are and helped you get to where you are today. Don't forget about the boy (or girl) behind the camera that takes your outfit photos, that waits around awkwardly while you take photos of your food or makeup, that doesn't get irritated when you wanna try and snapchat everything. Don't get me wrong i love feminism and all it encompasses but, it's more important than ever for society to see men and women as equal. I repeat.. equal. We prop each other up, hopefully, no matter what relationship you're in. No matter who it is, make sure the people in your life are supporting your success not hindering it. And don't forget to thank them. 

Sidenote: The "Real Talk" series is going to be a series of posts about body positivity and self love. This is a topic i am extremely passionate about.



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