Things I've Been Loving This Month: May Favourites.

May Favourites -

Rice Dream Vanilla Milk - I have been going on and on about this milk on twitter. I have a weird obsession with it. Like it's getting a bit strange how much i enjoy it. It's honestly the nicest tasting non-dairy milk i've ever tried... and i've tried them all. It's so good i drink it straight from the cart
on. But it's perfect in baking, in coffees (you don't need added sugar/sweetener), tea, with granola, to make nice cream.. you get the picture. It's good. Try it.

BeLoved Date Nectar - Another foodie product i've been obsessed with. I use this for breakfast every morning on top of nicecream or oats. I don't know what else there is to say about this.. it's just pretty damn tasty. If you like sweet stuff that is. It tastes just like caramel but, much healthier for you obviously. What's not to love.

Acai bowls

Acai Bowls - If you follow me on Instagram you'd know i've been loving these. I had my first one in May and continued to have them almost daily after that. I'm hoping to share a recipe soon but if you basically throw some frozen banana, frozen mango and acai powder into a food processor then you'll be good to go. Then you can get fancy with the toppings, i usually add some, granola, fresh fruit, & desiccated coconut. But basically whatever you fancy. It's a pimped up version of nicecream. The perfect breakfast now were finally getting a bit of nice weather in the UK!

Apivita Cleansing Gel for Oily/Combination Skin  - I picked up a couple of these mini bottles when i was in Crete last year as they are a classic Greek brand. I'd heard so many good things about the brand beforehand and this cleanser definitely lived up to my expectations, unlike the Korres Pomegranate face soap - but that's another story. This is what i would describe as the perfect cleanser - it removes makeup easily, doesn't sting the eye and doesn't dry out my skin. I hate cleansers that sting your eyes ,it really makes me feel like they're unsafe and the ingredients aren't very good for sensitive areas like your face!.Safe to say i'll be picking up a full size bottle of these when i'm in Kos next week ;). If you can get your hand on this brand i'd recommend you giving it a go.

May favourites - Apivita, NYX, Rice Dream & BeLoved date nectar

NYX Liquid Suede 'Sandstorm' (right of picture) - This has been my go-to lipstick since i got it at the end of April. I wore it in this fashion post. Described as a true nude it is the perfect brown lip shade which suits a wide range of skin tones. Its got that cool undertone so it's quite grungy. At first i wasn't sure it would look right on me but you have to wait for it to dry. This is seriously one of the most long-lasting lip colours i've ever tried. It's just the one lip product i reach for when i'm in a rush and know i'll be out for a few hours.


Last but not least i wanted to include a blogger/vlogger favourite of mine and that is... JessBeautician (Youtube/Blog).  I found this girl on my Youtube 'recommended' sometime near the beginning of May, i then began to binge watch her videos (insanely). I think i've watched almost every single one of her videos now. I absolutely love her 'what i eat in a day' videos - they are SO inspiring. She gave me the push to completely change my diet and clean it up. I make her recipes on a regular basis now. Thank god she's doing #veganjune - she will be uploading 'what i eat in a day videos' monday-friday every week in June. So excited. Definitely check her out, she's the most lovely, down-to-earth, animal lover & she lives in Turkey at the moment so it's giving me serious travel envy. She also shares cruelty free beauty/skincare for all the beauty lovers out there.

Thankyou for reading guys! 
Leave your May Favourites below..
 and let me know if you've tried any of these products above.




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