Things I've Been Loving This Month: March Favourites.

Hello all! 

Slightly different post coming at you today compared to my previous recipe posts. As much as i love baking and cooking, this blog isn't just a recipe book! 

I thought i would share some things i've been loving recently. This isn't a monthly favourites post, just a few things that has made me smile these past couple of weeks. 

I posted this on Instagram (so go check it out!). I rarely ever drink 'proper' coffee, i'm usually a decaff kind of girl but, i make an exception for this. I love the taste of this coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup from Tk Maxx to make it extra 'vanillary'. It feels like such a treat without the expense of buying it from the likes of Starbucks. 

I finally got around to trying this. It's been sitting in the freezer for a while not because lets face it, if the Ben & Jerry's is there, you're gonna go for that first. I don't really like banana flavoured things so i'm not really sure why i went for this. But, i was pleasantly surprised! 

I got my P plates. I passed my test, enough said.

I couldn't resist sharing this meal i had on monday. Carvery followed by a massive peanut butter brownie. I didn't eat it all to myself i promise! It was that delicious i probably could have though! I usually eat pretty healthy when i go out for meals but, a treat is always good. It's good for your soul. 

Last but not least, my beautiful notebook that i got for Malaysia! I go to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) for two weeks on the 28th March. I am super excited, it's a place i have been wanting to go for a while now and to finally get the chance is amazing. I'm big on experiences and have a passion for exploring. It doesn't stop. I wanna visit everywhere! I have a massive list of places i want to visit and now i finally get to tick it off. 
I'm going to be writing down my experience while i am out there and thought this notebook was so appropriate! 



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