Homemade Ferrero Style Balls!

As soon as i seen these Ferrero Roche style balls on Facebook i knew i had to make them. They're so simple to make, don't take long at all and whats not to love about a recipe that contains nutella?
Nutella is addictive to me, even when i was a child i would eat it straight from the jar & my favourite breakfast would be nutella on toast, every single day. So safe to say i enjoyed eating a fair few of these. I did share a few though ;)

The recipe has been altered slightly, i substitued the butter for coconut oil and used dark chocolate because i am a dark chocolate addict!
Recipe credit: Proper Tasty


7 malted milk biscuits
13g rice krispies
100g Nutella
100g dark cooking chocolate
10g coconut oil 

This was half the ingredients on FB and it still made plenty. 16 to be precise. 

All you have to do is blitz the biscuits in a food processor or blender, mix with the rice krispies and nutella in a bowl and roll into balls. Leave them in the fridge until they are firm and not sticky. Then melt the chocolate and coconut oil (in the microwave or above a pan of boiling water) and simply dip the balls in. Leave them on baking paper in the fridge until set and ENJOY! 

Give them a go! I promise you won't regret it. You can also roll them in crushed nuts when the chocolate is still melted for a proper ferrero feel! 



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