Recipe: Peanut Cookie Balls!

Hi! Back with another recipe inspired by crunchy peanut butter & cookies..

This recipe is so easy and quick. They actually started out as a little experiment, i just fancied making something but had no idea what so, i literally just threw everything into a food processor and hoped for this best. They turned out pretty tasty. I make a lot of these little energy balls for a little dessert or snack throughout the day. Anyone who knows me will know i have a massive sweet tooth so these are just perfect in-between meals when i want something sweet. They're also perfect for vegetarians and can be adapted to suit vegans by using cookies that are vegan-friendly! 


50g Dates (i used dried ones and soaked them in boiling water for 15minutes). 

10g Coconut flour. 

10g Maca powder (i have this one from Tesco. But, you could leave this out and use more flour or swap for peanut flour/pbb).

1 tub of Graze 'Salted fudge peanut cookie' - peanuts and fudge used in the balls and cookies used on top (you could just use any nuts you have available and decorate with mini oreos/smarties or any anything else you like!). You can order a big bag on the Graze website here.
My recipe made 8 balls but feel free to make them bigger or smaller :)

Add dates to food processor and blend until smooth. Then add in the flour, and maca powder, peanuts and pulse a few times until it is all mixed together but the nuts are still chunky. Then roll into balls and pop a little cookie or chocolate on the top. Then just store in the fridge to set. If the mixture seems to sticky add some more flour, if it's too dry add a little water. 

Easy Peasy!  
Hope you give these a try. 

Let me know if you do on twitter or instagram  (links below!). I'd love to see some photos.

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